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our services

Services include:

INITIAL CONCEPT DESIGN   Inspiration presentation, layout floorplan and visuals to show direction, look & feel.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT  Development of the concept through to tender package.

TENDER DOCUMENTATION  Issued to builders/trades to establish a firm costing prior to construction.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION  An agreed set of detailed contract documentation for construction.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT  To ensure the vision comes to fruition!



Collaboration with architects/and or draftspeople according to the scope, scale and budget of the project. 

Conceptual advice for external elements including architectural style and mark-up.

Overall space planning from new builds through to all scale renovations.

Bespoke joinery design throughout all areas.

Selection of finishes.

Selection of fixtures, fittings and appliances.

Lighting and electrical layout including selection of fittings.

Services advice including heating/cooling/AV equipment in conjunction with relevant consultants.

Window/door style advice and selection.

Window furnishing advice and selection.

Furniture and accessories advice and selection.

Custom furniture design.

On site interior styling.

Art advice.




Pipkorn Kilpatrick’s level of services and involvement are flexible to suit your individual needs. 


Our design looks at how form, colour and light work together to create warm, inviting spaces that are functional and interconnected, that retain their character yet allow for change over time. If you are thinking of engaging us, then we'd suggest meeting with us to get a sense of our approach, to see if you are both comfortable and excited about what we can create. We are collaborative and work with builders/trades that respect the importance of a collaborative relationship between all trades, client and designer. This not only makes the process enjoyable and rewarding, but it is likely to reduce expenses through avoiding indecision and uncertainties. Pipkorn Kilpatrick's main focus is always to achieve the best quality result, translating your brief into a reality.


why use an interior designer

The people who choose to engage us do so because they want as much planning, thought and care to go into the interior architecture and design of the project, as goes into the architectural shell; they want the spaces to reflect and enhance their everyday living; they want considered design that not only looks good but which prioritises function. And if the anticipating and planning takes place in an integrated way from the start, then good design doesn't necessarily have to cost more.



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