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Bellevue Hill testimonial

'After numerous development applications and lots of indecision, we came to the conclusion that our Edwardian house here in Sydney was in fact a beautiful piece of history that required a special touch to transform it into a more contemporary home, whilst not losing its period charm.

We had been working with architects on the exterior design of our home for several months. It was during this process that we realised that the interior architecture required lots of attention to detail. We wanted to maximise space and create a beautiful home that served our young family well. Although I had collated many look books and knew exactly what I wanted in terms of aesthetic, I also knew that I required some assistance to make my vision a reality.  It was then that we embarked on a journey to find a suitable team to help us achieve our goals.

We met with various designers in both Melbourne and Sydney. I had admired Anna and Jane’s work at their previous practice and kept on being drawn to their work, their use of subtle details throughout the homes that they helped design. I had included a lot of their work in my own look books and confidently made the decision to bring them on board.

From the start it was a collaborative process. As we were interstate, it was important that all communication between ourselves, Pipkorn & Kilpatrick and our builder remained open, honest and professional. Anna and Jane helped me piece all of my ideas together. They introduced new elements to the home and provided us with excellent material recommendations that gave the house so much more than I could have created on my own. We trusted them completely and gave them free reign to liaise with our builder and various tradesman throughout the project.

Trust is the key. You have to be able to trust the designers and feel comfortable with their design approach. They are the ones who will ultimately provide you with the best solutions for your home. I was happily introduced to new materials, textures and finishes that would give the renovation the added appeal that it needed. The girls listened to my thoughts and ideas throughout the process and incorporated them into their designs. Space and storage were very important for our project and Anna and Jane delivered perfectly.

With Pipkorn Kilpatrick's help we were able to add modern additions to our home without compromising the integrity of its original character features. We completed the project on time and still smiling at the end!

The result we believe is a beautifully designed home - warm, functional and family friendly. We are able to effortlessly entertain friends and family in our house and also quite happily spend many weekends indoors enjoying all that the house has to offer. An outcome that certainly could not have been achieved without Pipkorn Kilpatrick’s stunning aesthetic and keen eye for detail.'

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