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Fitzroy North testimonial

'I chose to use a designer because I wanted a home that was both functional and good looking, and which had a narrative that made it feel relaxed and connected. I wanted the design to respect the integrity of the original home but also to have new spaces that were fresh and relatively modern, while establishing a strong connection between the two. And this needed to happen within a fairly restrictive budget.


I know what I like and I love interiors but I didn’t have the skills to make this happen. I did however have access to two great designers whose design aesthetic I love and who I knew would translate this brief into a reality.  Luckily for me, one of the designers was my sister and the other a good friend.


Pipkorn Kilpatrick put care into every detail of your house, many of which you don't realise require consideration until after the fact. They're very collaborative and they make the process fun and rewarding, but you need to trust their judegment and their design aesthetic if you want to get the most out of the project. There's no point engaging if you're going to resist or second guess everything they suggest.


I'm so thrilled with what they've created, and I don't think I'm being bias...'

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