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Kimberley pavilion

In conjunction with Saleeba Adams Architects we designed the dining pavilion for an outback camp in the remote Mitchell Plateau area of the Kimberley. Here are a few snapshots of a crazy (hot!) day setting up before the wet season arrived. Inspiration came from the harsh Australian conditions the camp endures with the use of tent canvas for the upholstery and traditional oilskin fabric panels to clad the servery joinery. Breaking away from the crisp clean interiors that characterise our city projects, we pushed boundaries to create a space that immerses guests in the outback experience while still giving them a sense of 6-star luxury. The greatest challenge lay in working to critical and unpredictable deadlines to manage custom furniture procurement shipped from our trusted suppliers in Victoria.

Year of production: 2023. Running Time: 2:30 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

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