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Elwood house

This young family wanted to transform the back half of their Elwood block into a good-looking but family friendly entertaining area.

Our part in the process involved designing a new poolhouse/garage as well as updating an add-on room attached to the main house to create a relaxed and contemporary dining area that opened up the original house to the outdoors. An outdoor fireplace/bbq was incorporated into the design to further promote the indoor/outdoor feel.

Our inspiration was the main house - a beautifully kept, originally ornate Californian bungalow. We wanted to complement its beauty without trying to mock or compete so for the poolhouse, the design was a simple form with clean lines and a pitched roof to accommodate storage. The feel is raw and relaxed with smooth concrete floors with exposed aggregate running into the stone tiles that surround the pool, large timber joists with exposed steel support and enormous aluminium sliding doors that disappear into the wall cavity. The theme is replicated in the dining room - panelled raked ceiling with the same sheer curtains dropping from a concealed pelmet cavity and soft Terrazzo tiles with large sliding doors - and in the fireplace/bbq with its clean lines, textured natural bluestone and bbq bench area concealed behind. We love way the dining room sits happily against the backdrop of the original house, showing off and enhancing its iconic features without competing.

A rich green pool tile and clean white-washed paint finishes were was chosen to reflect and complement Kate Patterson's stunning landscape design.

Photography by Martina Gemmola

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